E-Mail Management

The KundenMeister e-mail management brings order and structure to your company communication

E-mail Management Made Easy

E-mails are an indispensable part of our daily communication these days. Due to a multitude of contacts, projects and appointments, important information can be lost quickly. The KundenMeister has been precisely tailored to these challenges and offers the optimal solution for an uncomplicated e-mail administration. All e-mail accounts can be transferred to the KundenMeister and thus for your contacts and projects. At the push of a button, all the relevant details are available to you and can be used for the further planning of marketing, sales and service measures. In addition, our e-mail administration offers individual e-mail templates that you can easily design without HTML knowledge and securely send them
to your contacts.

Structured E-Mail Storage Thanks to E-Mail Archiving Software

With our KundenMeister software, you can easily archive and store your e-mails in a structured way. The entire correspondence with customers, suppliers or partners can thus be accessed directly from contacts or individual projects. Thanks to its web-based interface, our software for e-mail archiving stands out in particular thanks to the location-independent and central availability of all information. Cost and time spent searching for e-mails and details are reduced to a minimum and you can concentrate fully on your core functions.

Professional Customer Relations with Our CRM E-Mail Management

The KundenMeister e-mail administration not only brings order and structure into your corporate communication, but also regulates the development of professional and long-term customer relationships thanks to CRM e-mail management. The central filing of e-mails allows all authorized departments and persons access to the entire project and customer correspondence, thus facilitating internal cooperation. Marketing, sales and support are thus closely linked with each other, able to respond to requests immediately and thus ensure holistic CRM e-mail management.

Information about e-mail management find in our KundenMeister manual.